Posture Control Insoles™
Results that have the patients talking!


Posture Control Insoles®  represent a paradigm shift in improving foot function to improve posture and overcome  musculoskeletal pain and problems.  The value of creating expensive custom orthotics that basically fill real or perceived voids underneath the feet  to push the feet into a more desirable static position is increasingly questioned.  It has even been documented (Fusco, Italy) that this approach may even contribute toward destabilizing the musculoskeletal system. 

The new paradigm recognizes the vital influence of the neuromuscular system.  Information from the mechano-receptors in the forefeet is processed and returned to the muscles that control the feet,  stability, posture and motion.   The new paradigm recognizes that the rear foot is controlled by forefoot and that a positive contact with the ground is preferable to the feet being isolated from sensory input with rigid or semi-rigid orthotics. 

The era of mechanical evaluations and passive posting (arch supports and shims) has been surpassed. 

People who wear Posture Control Insoles® appreciate and enjoy the stability and security that comes from feeling the surface they walk on. 

Posture Control Insoles® are designed to cause your muscles to facilitate foot correction for hyperpronation and supination.  Foot mechanics, gait and posture is corrected naturally.  Your feet and your body are strengthened by free natural motion rather than weakened by restricted motion as is the case with traditional arch supports. 

Posture Control Insoles® deploy a forefoot technology (Medial Column Technology®
) that  provides sensory feedback to  the first metatarsal and big toe.  The remainder of the insole is flat and ultra thin to fit in any shoe.  It is so thin it can be slipped underneath the sock-liner of an athletic shoe.   100% natural motion leads to 100% comfort.   Point to picture to highlight active area.

The image shows the bottom side of the insole.  The top is covered with a suede-like cloth. 

Contrary to some opinions, Posture Control Insoles® does not cause Hallux Limitus.  Click here to learn more.