What is good for your patients is good for your practice.  Fitting your patients with Posture Control Insoles™ will result in increased patient satisfaction and referrals. 

There is no doubt the public is looking for products and treatments to effectively help reduce musculoskeletal pain.  Your effort in providing the best solutions will undoubtedly be rewarding. 

To help you evaluate the financial impact on your practice, use the table below.  Select the number of active patients currently seen in your practice.   Over 80% of your current patients hyperpronate and will benefit greatly from using Posture Control Insoles™.  To be conservative, however, we based the table below on fitting only 40% of your active patients. 

Example:  If you have 100 active patients, you will fit 60 patients including referrals for Posture Control Insoles™.  The referrals will be new prospective patients which will lead to 40 chiropractic treatments.  You can expect revenues from Posture Control Insole™ sales and additional treatments to be $6,200, and your cost of product is $1,499.  Net incremental revenue is $4,701.

Posture Control Insoles™ offer a good opportunity to contact your inactive patients.  Even though they have successfully healed from the original problems you helped them overcome, continued lack of attention to their foot foundation puts them at greater risk for long term chronic pain. 

If you desire to present your practice to the public, Posture Control Insoles™ offer an excellent topic.  People inherently understand the concept of good posture being an effective defense against injury and arthritis.  Sports teams and industry are interested in methods for reducing injuries.  Expecting mothers could be spared months of agonizing back pain.  Diabetics could improve circulation and reduce painful ulcerations.

We'll be glad to show you more examples of what you can achieve. 

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